About Us

Nexus is a leading Enterprise Solutions Provider servicing more than 700 customers in the E.M.E.A, FAR EAST AND INDIA.

We commenced operations in the year 1999. Started by professionals with core experience in the Information Technology industry. We have grown steadily over the years and built for ourselves a commendable reputation in the industry.

In an abundantly clear scenario, where no single vendors product will provide the best answer for all customer needs, we have been adding Customer friendly solutions from companies like HIK VISION, Honeywell, DAHUA, CP PLUS, MILESTONE, DELL, HP, IBM, UTC, SIEMENS, MERIT LILIN, SAMSUNG, AXIS, ACTI, TELE EYE, to name a few …And integrating the same, so as to best satisfy today’s Corporate IT needs.

Our dedicated team of sales providing pre‐sales consultancy coupled with a professional service team for true after‐Sales support have ensured that our clientele have had a satisfied Business Experience with us.

We believe that quality blended with excellent service is the foundation of any successful business and have ensured that we maintain our Customer‐ Centric approach.

It is our pleasure presenting this profile of ours as an introduction and we are sure that the association would be mutually beneficial and rewarding one. Looking forward to a wonderful association.

Down to Earth Approach!!!

Like mother Earth, Each division focus on the Core Organization Objective of Integration and Development Orders (like revolving around Sun) while also have Between capabilities to be profitable in their own merit (akin to self of Earth!!!) Through QIDS.